Service & Ministries Opportunities

Equipping the Saints for Ministry!

This part of our page is currently being updated, so we ask for your grace if you see something here that doesn't make sense. 

Outreach Ministries

Family Promise of Ogden: Ascension is a host congregation for Family Promise. We host families 4 or 5 times a year providing families with a safe place to sleep, breakfast and dinner, and most importantly, love and emotional support.

God's Work Our Hands: This day is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. Together as a congregation we do various service projects in the community.

Growing for Giving: Do you have a green thumb? We have a small garden behind the church to grow vegetables to share with our community. 

The Quilters: Ascension's Quilters have been making and donating quilts for more than 30 years. The group meets twice a month on Monday mornings to make tie quilts, which they donate to charities. Their favorite saying is "If you can tie a knot, you can tie a quilt!"

Operation Christmas Child: 

George E. Wahlen Veteran's Home Worship Team: 

Lutheran World Relief: 


Community Outreach Fund: 

Crafters: We've got a passionate group of people who support our Annual Fall Bazaar with their many arts and craft items!  The event is loads of fun!


Hospitality Ministries

Worship Assistants: Do you like public speaking?  If so, you might be perfect for this ministry!  Worship assistants serve as lectors for Sunday morning worship, leads the congregation in prayer and helps the pastor administer communion.  This ministry requires some training.

Ushers & Greeters: Do you like people?  Can you smile?  You should be the first person people in church see on Sunday morning!

Music Ministry: Do you play an instrument or sing?  Great!!! We would love to have you share your gifts in worship.  You can offer "special music" on a one-time basis, sing in the choir, or help lead the Sunday School children in song.  You may also serve as a Sunday morning cantor, leading the congregation in song.  There are many opportunities to offer your gifts of music! 

Communications Committee: This team was formed during the beginning of the pandemic to ensure members and friends of Ascension stayed connected to each other and the church during COVID-19. After sending more than 42,000 emails and 10,000 texts related to services, special events, and activities we realize that this type of communication is vital to the life of our church. We are always looking for new ideas or another person to join the team.

Lay Ministers of Communion: Those who have been trained  for this ministry take and administer the Holy Sacrament to those who can not be with us on Sunday mornings, such as shut-in, hospitalized, or ill. 

Altar Guild: We celebrate Holy Communion every service, every Sunday. This ministry only requires a willing heart and hands.  Some of the duties include setting up the Altar for communion, helping serve communion and cleaning up after communion is served.  No experience necessary!

Care Bears Ministry: As the name suggests, this group cares for those within our fellowship who need a hot meal, an encouraging card, or a friendly visit.  All you need is love!  

Men's Group: Meets one Saturday a month for food and fellowship. They also do many service projects within the congregation - and have lots of fun too!

Prayer Ministry: This group keeps prayer at the heart of our community of faith by providing for the regular teaching and practice of prayer.


Teaching Ministries

Sunday School: There's plenty of opportunities to serve in a variety of ways: teacher, aide, song leader, arts and crafts, Jr. High and Sr. High mentors, and more.  All are welcome! 

Confirmation Ministry: Adult small group "faith mentor" lead our 7 - 9th grade youth in faith discussions on Wednesday nights. Thee are also opportunities for adults to help with retreats and youth outings. 

Bible Study: We always have opportunities for Bible Study within our congregation.  If you would like to grow in your faith, lead a Bible Study, or be in a small group, we have a place for you!

Education Ministry: This groups mission is to provide for the Christian education of the congregation through formal and structured classes for all ages, the coordination of programs that enhance the learning process, and the enabling of members of the congregation to identify and develop gifts and passions for Christian service.


And Many More...

We've got lots more ministry groups such as golfers, genealogists, hikers, bikers, scrap bookers, wood-crafters, the dining out group, and more!  The point is, they are all Christian based fellowship groups and have lots of fun! 

Have An Idea?

Maybe you have an idea for a ministry that is not listed here.  Please share your idea and we will help you put it into action!